August 19, 2019

Hi Alix, After reading many of the previous customer comments; I have to say it speaks volumes that I, like many of the others, have purchased not just one, but two pups from HC. You were especially nice and welcomed us to your home and kennel. I have since had some questions and you have been so forthcoming and helpful. I had purchased Trip from Deadra and was so glad to learn you had acquired HC and it had remained in the family. I felt like I already knew you from having known Deadra and seeing all the great pics of you and your brother. Lexi is such a fun addition to our family. She and Trip are having a blast. Just LOVE HORSE CREEK AUSSIES! Thank you for providing such great dogs!

Dennis & Jan Whitten, Louisiana

May 26, 2019

Hi Alix, Just wanted to let you know how much we love the newest addition to the family “Lou”. He has such a great and loving personality. Lou and his half brother Jax (also from Horse Creek Aussies) get along great and keep us entertained. Thanks so much for breeding such great aussies.

Whaley Family, California

May 24th, 2019

Alix, I wanted to thank you for the latest addition to our family. We were lucky enough to have owned a Horse Creek aussie for 12 years. When we lost Sarah we knew we wanted another aussie. We welcomed Gypsy to our home in April. She has brought so much happiness to our home. Thank you for helping us find the perfect dog.

Hodgson Family, Colorado

February 20th, 2019

Alix, we appreciate you opening your home and kennel to our family. Your knowledge of your dogs was enlightening. We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy. He is so loving and sweet to everyone he meets. He is the perfect dog in every way from his structure to his disposition. We love him so much!! 

Driggers Family, Georgia

December 7, 2018

We didn’t think we’d fall in love so quickly. Honestly, we thought it would take some time. Some getting used to.  We purchased Grizzly (Grizz) because good friends of ours have another HC Aussie named Charly that we fell in love with.  Grizz crawled into our lives and changed our hearts forever. Not only is he extremely loyal, but he loves his herd. His family. Even our two 10 year-old cats have taken a liking to the new kid on the block. He’s got the most beautiful amber eyes you’ll ever see. He picks up on our feelings very quickly. At 4 and 1/2 months old, he sits, stays, rolls over, shakes, begs, waits, and puts his toys in his box. He’s extremely smart. There’s a bond with Grizz that our family has never experienced with another dog before. We are so grateful to Alix for being so patient with all of our questions, and being an extremely great human. She’s a GEM!! We purchased a beautiful boy, but we also gained life-long friends.

Bailey Family, California

FAQs from a truly honest Horsecreek Aussie owner.  


Why should I buy an Australian Shepherd?   
These dogs are very intuitive, loving and playful.  They are loyal to their families and are easily trained.  Their coats are absolutely lush and beautiful, but the shedding is minimal compared to some of the other breeds with full coats.  People will stop and ask you what kind of dog you own because they are so gorgeous.  The most important step in buying an Australian Shepherd (Aussie) is to pick a reputable breeder.  

What is the breeder like at Horsecreek Aussies?   
Deadra is the most patient, supportive, honest, kind breeder you will find.  She answered all of my questions, addressed all of my concerns and gave me the most beautiful dog.  My family and I could not be happier! 

Why should I buy an Australian Shepherd from Horsecreek? 
You will get the sweetest, most beautiful, sensitive, intelligent dog.  Your dog will be confident, friendly and cuddly.  Your dog will come to your home well-adjusted and content.  (My puppy even tells me when it is time to go outside to go potty!)  The only down side is having to leave your dog to go to work.  

Why should I pay so much for a Horsecreek Aussie?  
These dogs will live up to 14 years.  Pay the price and you will have an unconditional friend for years.  I did the math.  It is truly a sound investment!  If you buy an Aussie from Horsecreek, you will be absolutely thrilled with your dog.  I know I am!   

What if I live a long way from Oklahoma?  
My puppy came to me by plane in Michigan.  I was so afraid that she would be traumatized by the flight.  I was wrong.  My puppy was clean and happy.  My puppy came out of the crate ready to love her new family.  We absolutely love her right back.  
Thank you so much, Deadra!  

December 21, 2017

Mom Deadra – We moved from Illinois to River Hills, Wisconsin (11 miles north of Milwaukee) almost five years ago. Local village magazine did a profile which featured your dogs all grown up (Angus black tri 7 – Darby merle 7 and Baron red tri 6 years) so thought you might enjoy another testimonial on “Australian Shepherds Changed Our Lives – Let’s Count the Ways.”

Angus remains the activator-in-chief for most things good or ill with Baron as his wingman while Darby observes but then exercises final and often quite sudden authority over “the boys.” Baron can tell time. When you tell him, dinner is not “for 15 minutes,” he comes around and you get a bright eyed hard poke in pretty closely 15 minutes escalating to total pest should you lag further. Darby accepts women guests but flirts shamelessly with men. Demonstrating his climbing skills, Angus ate an entire just out of the oven Angel food cake and remains a threat to anything remotely resembling edible of any size even below mille-crumb. Closed doors rule the kitchen as our ovens are pressed into service to house all manner of foodstuff.

We have a fenced acre+ of five with deer, wild turkeys, and coyotes on the outside so plenty to amuse our pack. I can attest, however, that Darby watches a lot of television and awakens in full battle mode whenever a dog or other animal is shown and there are NO commercials these days without animals (thank HD TVs which dogs see clearly). When not banging each other around like hockey players, they squabble over possession of the Jolly Balls in an endless game of “I want the one you have.” The balls are made for horses but stand up well to Aussies, though are not recommended as an indoor sport as “put it down and you can come in” is rule one.  

They are absolutely wonderful! From time-to-time we do check your puppy listings, but three is quite enough for now. Folks wondering about multi-Aussies should know there is a “break in” period during which a healthy sense of humor comes in handy (= absolute requirement) but three becomes very special singly and together as you get “encouraged” to devote individual attention.     

Our very best to the Buffing Family and special thanks and congratulations to Dr. Alix, who named “Angus”  (a Kool – Raven two puppy litter) and is a perfect fit. He is referred to as “Mr. Angus” or “Himself” by all the delivery and service guys. The FedEx guy backs into the drive, sneaks up to the door, drops the package carefully and runs like hell afire as Angus gives every indication he will shortly be coming through the front door (which is now heavily padded on the inside – as I said, a sense of humor helps).  

A Very Merry Christmas from Ada, Jeanne Ada, Angus, Baron, Darby and Walt 

November 17, 2017


What can I say? 
You blessed us with the greatest dog on earth. 
Indy is just the best good boy anyone could ever ask for. 
He is playful and sweet and listens attentively to commands
(as best as a puppy can!). 
I have attached some pics so you can see how big he has grown! He's about 45 pounds now at 28 weeks.

I hope all is well and you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you again, 
Brendan & Cara


August 31, 2017

Hi Deadra,

We purchased a Horse Creek Aussie from a litter born December of 2016 and we're so glad we did! Our little girl (Blue) is from Taylor and Blu and everything about her is beyond our expectations. She is nearly 9 months old at the time I am writing this and nobody who meets her believes she is so young. She is so friendly and well behaved we have heard great things about her demeanor from both her vet, the lead obedience trainer at our local k9 school, and her agility coach. Horse Creek breeds some amazing dogs both physically and personality wise. Blue has a definite on/off switch and has no problems transitioning from play to rest. We couldn't have asked for a better companion! She is making it very easy on us first-time dog owners.

Have a wonderful day!
Kelli B.

March 27, 2017


Thought I would send you a quick note to thank you for allowing Randy and I to get one of your pups from Anna. She is now 11 years old and I have to say she is the best dog ever. I read your customer comments about their great pups but our Tess is the best she has always had manners would wait for you to tell her she could get on the furniture I have never seen one like her. It has been the best 11 years and she is slowing down but she is still awesome. She does talk to us all the time and will “argue” with us regarding treats as she does love them. Tess has always been obedient and loving. I could go on for a long time talking about her and it does make my heart full. I just wanted to say thank you very much. You do have the best pups we still have people tell us how pretty she is even with her gray hair. We match now we both have gray hair. Keep up the good work and again thank you.

Sincerely, Debbie S.



November 11, 2016

Dear Deadra, 

Hope this email finds you wonderfully well!

Jax celebrated his 1st birthday this past October 19th & we wanted to email you to thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful, smart, sensitive & kind pup. 

He is so intelligent & sweet at the same time.  We love him dearly & just wanted to express our gratitude. 

All my best!

Liz & Family
Aspen, CO 

January 1, 2016

I've been observing the latest litter and wish everyone could see the beautiful, personable, playful, loveable, and compatible dog Shafer has become! He is my faithful loving companion, but is sociable with my 5 yr old great-niece, the family cat, my daughter's dog and others.
I love Shafer!



1yr old Shafer, Lucy/Cutter pup.



December 26, 2015

Hi Deadra,
       Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  This is a picture of my sweet Addie out working on the farm with me the other day.  She is out of your Cutter/Ritz litter, full sister to your lovely Taylor.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful dog.  She is social, kind, loving, dedicated, smart and hard working.  She is a phenomenal running buddy and the very best friend my kids could ever ask for.  I just cannot thank-you enough for the work you put into your dogs as it has led to the best dog that my family has ever had.  

Laura Newlin

July 5, 2015


Hope you, your family, and your dogs survived the spring rains without adverse events.

Wanted to share an updated photo of Charley and Cooper, now that they are four. It was taken this morning, while out walking. Decided to take advantage of a photo op in front of the new Scheels’ store. The pups have matured and settled down to the point we can trust them to sit, stay, and pay attention long enough to catch a few shots.

Remain absolutely delighted with them. The grandkids (5 and 22 mo) think they are the greatest toys ever.

Linda and Bob 



June 8, 2015

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs!  Here is a pic of Goldie Belle at 3 months.  She is becoming a wonderful, smart girl and growing every day!  She is so sweet and is really coming into her own lately. 

I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put in to raising such great dogs!  Not only are they beautiful, they have a wonderful temperament and great smarts!  Anyone considering an Aussie should definitely get in touch with you! 
Thanks again Deadra!

May 18, 2015

Dear Deadra,
We are so loving our new little girl!  The drive home from your ranch through the rough weather that night never bothered her.  We stopped once to let her out, but otherwise she sat in her crate as though she had been riding in a car every day of her life.  

She adjusted very easily to the routine of the household of our other four dogs.  Our Border Collie rescue has accepted her more easily than the Yorkies, but I expected that since Duchess was his best friend.  She has been to visit our children in Arkansas several times, and is a huge hit with the three granddaughters.  She is very social and accepts the attention of strangers very well.

The second day we brought her home she had already mastered the words stay and would fetch the ball and return it to us.  We have been very impressed with her intelligence and eager desire to please.  She is tolerating the diet you suggested and has already grown in height and weight.  You may be interested to know that she is living up to Cutter's herding instincts because she is trying to herd us all by cutting in front of us or hitting the sides of our legs to steer us in another direction.

She is beautiful, sweet, playful, and so wonderfully good natured.  We are thrilled with her and cannot compliment you enough on your wonderful breeding selection of intelligent and gentle Aussies.  

Thank you so much for your help in choosing the perfect girl for us.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.
Marla and Dwayn

January 18, 2015 

What a gorgeous Boy!!!

Thanks for letting us have him. 

Steve & Renee



January 1, 2015   |   The dogs are just over 1 year old now and are the best dogs ever! 

December 14, 2014

Thanks for updating us about Kool. I'm so sorry. 
He was such a beautiful boy, and must have been so gentle and sweet because our boy is absolutely amazing!  Kool and Raven really did make the best pups! 
All the best from our family to yours! 
Merry Christmas!

Krispie is from Blu x Rox
Stormy is a Cutter x Lucy
little blue merle girl. 

Being loved
by the Baird family.


November 24, 2014

Hi Deadra
I'm not sure you will remember me but I'm Tommy LeBlanc from Weatherford Tx and I contacted you just before Xmas in 2010 for a specific puppy.  At the time, both my parents were in remission from cancer and my mom's dream was owning a red mural female Aussie puppy.  After extensive search I came across your website and gave you a call.  You had 2 puppies left in a litter from Bailey and Kool which one was a red mural female that was 10 weeks old.  I made a trip and purchased the puppy.  You described her as the shy one in the litter but let me assure you not any more.  The Christmas surprise, not knowing how my dad would take to mom’s gift, was a great hit.  People laugh because if you knew my dad animals do not and will not sleep in his bed....well, that pup (named Sweetie) laid by his side in bed at night from day one.  What a tremendous gift that turned out better than we could all imagine.  My dad passed away a year later and my mom has her best friend that never leaves her side.  She lives in the city and really enjoys two thing 1) car rides where mom has been known to load her in the car and just drive around the block and 2) coming out to my little farm in Weatherford to run with the horses and eating grasshoppers! 

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for giving my mom such a great tempered and loving dog and a best friend.  I'll attach you a couple of pictures.... Sweetie as a puppy when I purchased her from you and mom best Sweetie enjoying last Christmas with me.

Happy holidays to you and your family and thanks again for providing us with a perfect family member.

Tommy LeBlanc

October 28, 2014

Hi Deadra,
I thought I would send you a recent picture of Addie.  She is now 6 months old.  It's hard to believe how quickly she is growing.  She is the absolute sweetest dog.  She is happy to greet anyone who crosses her path. She is incredibly intelligent and shows a ton of promise for herding sheep and cattle.  She is my constant sidekick and loves to tag along no matter where I go.  Everyone who meets her comments on her lovable personality.  We feel so lucky to have her.  Thanks so much for your wonderful dogs.


October 18, 2014

Lucy has grown so much it's hard to remember what she was like as little puppy.  She is an absolutely gorgeous hunk of love!!  Went to the vet the other day for a quick checkup and a weigh in.  Lucy weighs 62# !!!!  We have been attending obedience class and she has done really well.  But our most fun is at the dog park where she can run and play with the other dogs.  She has her favorite friends there and they all play together.  She is such a wonderful dog and you have done such a great job with her breeding.  Our vet still raves about her conformation and her personality - how friendly and loving she is.  Thanks so much for the care you take in breeding your dogs and for letting us have our Lucy.  Pictures are attached.  Keep up the good work!!! 

Jan Parrish 

September 7, 2014

"Wow!  That's the most beautiful dog I have ever seen"
That is a quote we heard from a stranger this morning while visiting Breckenridge Colorado.

 Hi Deadra I hope all is well!


I am writing to give you an update on "Tenshi" (AKC Registered as - "Horse Creek's Ten out of Tenshi").  

Well, we have had Tenshi for about 5 1/2 weeks now and she will soon be 4 months old.  She is amazing!  Although I read several of your customer's comments about how pleased they were with the shipping of their Horse Creek puppy, I was still concerned.  After a 4 hour delay with her flying in through severe weather and spending 8 hours in her crate, I was afraid we were going to be picking up a stressed out, high anxiety pup. That's not what we got.  When we picked Tenshi up and let her out of her crate, she was kissing and loving my wife Sarah as though she knew we were her new family and she was happy to be here. We got home after 10:00 PM, played for an hour and then went to bed.  After all of that, she did not whimper or wine one single time her first night with us.  Incredible!  

 I am retired and Tenshi and I spend a lot of time together.  We take her with us to many places and we work a great deal on socialization skills with people and other dogs.  She loves everyone!  So much, that we have to work on impulse control because she is so excited to meet strangers and other dogs, both adult and puppies.  Everyone comments about how beautiful she is and how they absolutely love her markings.  When we went to Breckenridge this weekend it took us 45 minutes to walk 3 blocks down Main Street because 50% of people passing by wanted to stop and pet her, ask if she was an Aussie, etc. etc.  

 Wow is she smart!  I have been working with several trainers to teach me how to train a puppy because I have never done it before.  All of them have commented about how smart she is.  One of the trainers said Tenshi was one of the smartest puppies she has worked with in a while.  She knows all of the basic obedience commands such as sit, lay down, stay, leave it, drop it, watch me, off, and she has always gone potty on command since the day we got her. Now we are mostly working on obedience when there are distractions, as well as impulse control.  

 Tenshi loves to retrieve.  I can throw a ball or Frisbee up to 50 feet already and she will retrieve it and drop it as soon as she gets back to me.  She has had the opportunity to begin a few basic agility obstacles such as a tunnel and a small jump.  She picks it up fast!   She is fearless, fast, incredibly agile, and I am surprised at how high she will jump when she is playing with toys or fetching a ball.

 We have had two vet visits for vaccines and she is a healthy happy puppy!  Of the several reputable Aussie breeders which I researched, I am so pleased we picked Horse Creek Aussies.  It is obvious what an incredible breeder you are, and the love and attention you give your new born puppies.  Tenshi is worth every penny and I won't be surprised if we get another puppy in a year or two. 

 Thanks again for such a wonderful animal!  Our family has been blessed!
David Hoffman
Brighton Colorado


June 19, 2014

Dear Deadra,

Hello!  I hope all is well for you and your dogs in Oklahoma.  I wanted to write you to tell you how happy we are with our little Addie from your 2014 Cutter/Ritz litter.

She has the most social and lovable personality.  I am constantly amazed by her calm but confident and fearless approach to life.  I have taken her to school to pick up my kids, she has been to their soccer and baseball games, she goes to work with me at my veterinary clinic, she rides the Kabota on our dairy farm, she has helped move cattle on my dad's beef farm and in every one of these new situations she remains happy, calm, and never fearful.  She is a lover of all people, can't get enough of playing with my children, hasn't met another dog she hasn't been happy to greet and has even managed to win over the heart of our cat.  She is a quick learner and at 10 weeks comes to her name, sits, lays down, and knows a command to go to the bathroom.  She sleeps all night and loves to be with her family.  I could not ask for more in a puppy.  

As a veterinarian I try very hard to encourage prospective owners to search for a breeder like you. Someone who thoroughly knows and loves her dogs.  It is obvious the hours of work, dedication and knowledge that go into your litters.  I can't thank-you enough for all that you put into your dogs because it truly shows in the wonderful Horse Creek puppy that is now a beloved member of our family.

Laura Newlin

May 7, 2014    

Lucy had her checkup today and was an absolute charmer. She weighs 18.6# and is in perfect health. Vet said her weight is perfect, build is fantastic, personality is absolutely great.  The vet is so impressed with her and her breeding.  I had to tell her what a great job you do with all your dogs.  She also has her first adult bottom tooth coming in. ‎ Got a booster shot and we go back in 3 weeks for her rabies shot. Our vet just thinks everything is going great.

She goes up the stairs at night and just walks into her new crate and sleeps all night. AND she has outgrown Foster's harness that I adjusted a few days ago and I had to adjust it again. We have gone 3 days without any accidents in the house too!! Just thought I would let you know.  I am enclosing pictures for you.  She is the sweetest dog and our absolute shadow.  We could not have gotten a better dog and love her so much. 

Jan Parrish



April 15, 2014 

Lucy just had her first checkup at our vet.  The vet says she is perfect!! So well-tempered and happy!! The vet said you have done an absolutely super job in breeding such wonderful puppies. 

Lucy weighs 10.5 # and is active and growing fast.  She sleeps about 7 hours without getting up at night which is just wonderful!! 

We can't thank you enough for sending us such a wonderful puppy who will grow into a wonderful dog. 

The picture is me holding Lucy right after we got home from the airport, taken by my husband.  

Jan Parrish

Monday, April 14, 2014 

Hello friend.... Hope all is well in Oklahoma and praying that spring is coming for everyone... What a winter it has been here in Ohio. Our Horse Creek Aussies very much love the snow and cold temps. Thought we would Share our latest pictures of our very handsome Coach man and our ravishing red head Miss Tori... What awesome dogs you have blessed us with. They are a PERFECT FIT for us here at Stertzbach Cattle Company and North Ridge Aussies.  You have created some of the most wonderful aussies that anyone could ask for. We absolutely love them.

Coach is the ultimate Gentle Giant and Miss Tori will always be the Queen. We can’t thank you enough for such great dogs and we are looking so forward to HC #3 "Riley Jo" ... She will have some pretty great teachers when she arrives... She doesn't even know the fun that lies ahead for her. 

Can't thank you enough Miss Deadra, you and your aussies are the bomb. 

Amie and The Crew

January 15, 2014


We are very pleased with our new puppy, Sydney.  She has been everything and more that I had hoped she would be. 

Following the loss of my dog of 13 years I started looking for a new puppy.  After much research I decided on an Australian Shepherd, then I found you and your beautiful dogs online and with each passing day I know that I've made the right decision. She is a very special girl, a breeze to potty and crate train and is just an all around easy girl.  Sydney is great with all other family members and loves other dogs.  She is extremely sweet and intelligent.  Everyone that meets her loves her! 

I would highly recommend Horse Creek Aussie's to anyone looking for a loyal, smart and beautiful friend! 

Thank you,
Tina Mindemann


January 10, 2014

I am sending a couple of pics of our Horsecreek Aussies, working alongside us on the ranch.

We love your dogs!  They are easy to teach, so loving, sturdy and go all day long.  They are true companions!

We love their little personalities....they all LOVE water!  Puddles, horse troughs and we don't even let them off the leash when we visit the lake, as they would swim across!  They are prepper dogs.....they love to hide their treats all around for later.  One got out of her crate in the garage and she got the bag of dog cookies and instead of eating them, she hid each cookie in a different spot in the garage....remarkable!   They are amazing at working the cows!  Instinctively they always seem to know which are our cows and which are the visiting neighbor cows that need to go home.  The first time our grandson saw Hanna, they were inseparable.  We gave her to him as she is his best bud.  Thank you again Deedra for breeding Aussies that are forever.

Love and Aussie kisses from Montana!
Horsecreek's Kasha, Baccar and Hanna.

November 30, 2013

We are so pleased with our latest addition Dream to our family. She truly is a dream come true for us. We researched and were so happy to find you Deadra and your beautiful dogs. You have worked hard it is obvious to raise such quality Aussie pups. Dream has helped fill a void with the loss of both our beloved dogs a very short time apart. We had almost forgotten how much love, hugs, kisses we had been missing. Deadra, you shared with me the reality that even after the loss of your family pets, open your heart. We did that and Dream has been an utter joy.  In fact she has become such a special part of our lives we have decided with your guidance to have the very special gift of another Horse Creek Aussie.  
Thank you, thank you for the opportunity of sharing one of your pups. Will be purchasing a camera to share photos with you.
The Runge's

November 14, 2013

Dear Deadra,
Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for the beautiful addition to our Aussie family, Rice Krispie.  Having four Aussies we have come to expect a lot in this breed and she doesn't disappoint.  Krispie is truly an asset to the Australian Shepherd breed!  She has a great temperament, she is very agile and smart, an incredible family pet and fits in well with "her boys" (Yogi, Boo Boo and Captain Crunch).  She has been a true delight for our family and it is apparent that you breed exception dogs. 

Thanks so much,
The Baird Family


November 5, 2013

I wanted to update you on Remi….She arrived after a very long day of traveling Tuesday night 10/22/13 at 11:30 pm.   It’s now almost 2 weeks later and I can honestly say she is one amazing puppy.  Remi is nine weeks old today.  Our house is now busy and full!  Remi has fit right in with our other 2 aussies Jackson and Clyde (our first Horse Creek Aussie!!).  She has been 4 days without an accident in the house and has had very few otherwise.  Yesterday she went to the door 3 times to tell me she had to go out.  Remi goes everywhere with us:  agility school, the office, hardware store, tractor store, and our new farm without a problem!  The amount of drive and determination in this little puppy will make her priceless on the farm.   People are her favorite thing and there are always plenty of puppy kisses for everyone. Deadra, you do the most amazing job with these puppies.  They are not only beautiful dogs, you so carefully breed them to be smart, healthy and so completely balanced.  I know what you put into this litter and you have no idea how much we appreciate it, and will always continue to nurture that beginning love thru Remi’s life.  Our veterinarians have looked Remi over twice and are just so thrilled to see such a great puppy. Thanks for all of the four legged love!  We all love you tons.  One of these days we will be knocking at your door and you know there is always room here for you (and Jeff!) to visit. 
Hugs and lots of cute Aussie wiggles-
Barb Moyer

November 5, 2013

We arrived home safely one week ago after our long drive from Oklahoma to Denver. Much to our surprise Foster slept most of the way home -- including laying on top of Stella (our 9 month old Aussie that we also bought from you) -- picture attached.

Foster is the most beautiful blue merle that I have ever seen. He is our fourth Aussie and his color and structure are absolutely perfect. More importantly, his temperament is perfect. He is very affectionate, incredibly smart and doesn't want us out of his sight. He sleeps all night :) :) :) in a crate by our bed and he is a long way down the road already to being potty trained!!! He and Stella play constantly -- I will send you one of our videos. Stella is remarkably gentle with him considering that she is only nine months old herself.

We took Foster to the vet for his initial checkup and she was totally impressed with his structure, health and self confidence. I showed her the pictures of your breeding stock on your web site and she remarked that she has never seen more beautiful Aussies.

Thanks for all of your time, phone calls and kind attention. Please share my name and phone number with anyone considering getting one of your beautiful pups!

Big Hugs,
Steve & Renee
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

November 4, 2013

Dear Deadra,

Thought you might enjoy this picture of Cooper (our no-longer-little male) "modeling" for a company the makes custom pet beds ( Charlie also modeled for the photo shoot and may be included as the company enhances their website with additional pictures.

Looking at your website, looks like things are going well at Horse Creek. 
Appears that our guys have "cousins" all over the country.

Robert Worsing

August 8, 2013

 Dear Deadra,  

Thank you for the pup from Kool and Bailey.  
He has great personality and
is a beautiful blue merle boy
with gorgeous blue eyes.  
I take him walking every day and
he walks wonderfully by my side.  
I have been checking your pups out for 5 years
and finally was able to get one last December 5th.  
I couldn’t ask for a more loving boy. 

Thank You Again, 
Joan Pharis


August 6, 2013
    First off I have to say you are one great breeder!!!! I can tell you care for all of your dogs. I asked you so many questions and then had to wait longer to get our pup from you and you were always so accepting and understanding. You had much patients with me and I just want to say THANK YOU for such a great dog. She is truly our baby girl and is part of our family. WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with ROX. Thank you again!! Anyone would be lucky enough to get a dog from you. 
    I wanted to write to you and just let you know how much we LOVERox!! She is the sweetest little girl and the smartest little girl ever, she came to us VERY healthy, happy and very well mannered. Her temperament is just AMAZING and she is so calm, my husband was very shocked, he was more nervous than I was BUT she has exceeded all of our expectations.     
    We have two little girls ages 6 and 2. Rox is so good with them, she hasn't tried biting on them or anything, and she also knows she is not allowed to jump on them or anyone. She has been very easy to train. We are leash training her right now and it is by far the hardest with her BUT she is getting the hang of it. We took her out on the boat the first time the other day and she LOVED it, she is a great swimmer so that made my husband very excited.

    Overall she is one AMAZING little pup. She got her 11 week shots and she is officially 20.5 lbs. She is one strong little girl and he is also getting faster every day. I can't wait until she is old enough to start running with me. She will be my running partner.  WE WILL SERIOUSLY BE BUYING ANOTHER PUPPY FROM YOU IN THE NEAR FUTURE AND SO WILL SOME FAMILY MEMBERS. THEY ARE ALL AMAZED WITH HOW CALM SHE IS AND HOW GOOD SHE LISTENS. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GOOD DOG. YOU ARE A GREAT BREEDER.


April 8, 2013 


Our Stella is absolutely beautiful and she already does not want us out of her sight. 

We had the fortitude to listen to her cry last night as we put her in her crate and left her downstairs when we went to bed -- I got up at 2 AM and let her out and then put her back in the crate -- she cried some more and then went back to sleep!  

She has already learned to sit and there have been no accidents in the house so far!!! We keep her tethered on a leash and let her out often and then reward her with a "click" and a treat every time that she goes. She will be moved to the bedroom at night as soon as we are confident of her potty training. 

We took her to the vet this morning -- everything checked out perfect! She weighs 10.2 pounds and her heart is very sound. He was very complimentary about her health and structure and I gave him your web site. He glanced at your breeding stock and said he has never seen better looking Aussies. 

We appreciate all of your time and attention -- you are certainly not an average breeder! We have already recommended you to many others and we will continue to do so. In addition to having beautiful dogs in very clean and healthy conditions, it is clear that you have dedicated your life to raising the best Aussie pups possible. 

You have been very kind and responsive to all of our many questions and requests (including all of the photos) and we truly appreciate you! 

If you run across someone looking for a pup and can't "inspect" your facility please give them our names and contact information and we will gladly share our very positive experience!!! 

Warmest Regards,
Steve & Renee


April 1, 2013

Hi Deadra!

Thanks for all your hard work that goes into these dogs!  Milo Brantley is doing great.  He is a great addition to our family!

We took him to a horse show in Traverse City.  We didn't know how well he would do around horses or playing on the beach.  But he was perfect!  He loves playing in the water with his sister (Mocha).  He also loves the horses!  He is a perfected tempered dog!  He is almost a year old now!  He is 80 pounds of fun and love!

He has become a great watch dog, running partner, and a loving family dog!  He is also learned so many tricks, like playing dead, waving, shaking hands, and army crawl!  Thank you for giving us the best dog ever!

Thank you and we love our Aussie!
Katie H.

February 1, 2013

Hi Deadra,

Here are Bosco's one year old pictures. He is a very happy boy! We love him very much.  Bosco is very sneaky and mischievous in a good way.  He is wonderful with the grandkids even when they sit on him.  He loves to run and play with his cousin/buddy Sydney (which is an Aussie too - We think :-) )  He has a very good temperament and is just a very lovable and sweet dog.  He loves to go to North Carolina for Vacation's too.

Thanks, Colleen



January 29, 2013 

Enjoying the snow! 
Moxy my dream dog :)
Carp,  Ontario  Canada